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Xored Software is a 100% Russian company created from scratch in Akademgorodok. Our products and technologies are well known in Eclipse world. We are a memberof Eclipse Foundation and many of us are official commiters to various projects of Eclipse Foundation projects, such as Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK), Tigerstripe, EPP, etc...

Our Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) became an official Eclipse Foundation project in 2006 and remains a part of annual Eclipse technologies releases (Europa, Galileo, Ganymede, Helios, and Indigo). DLTK is thebase of several commercial products, such as Borland's Zend Studio, and many open source solutions, namely VJET JavaScript IDE and tools for linguists at IBM Watson. We are proud to say that now our code is working on hundreds of thousands computers all over the world. We have been regular speakers at many Eclipse conferences such as EclipseCon since 2007.

Our scope of work is not limited to development tools. We spend a lot of time on development of modeling systems primarily for telecommunication companies. Our customers are such industry leaders as Cisco Systems and British Telecom; they use our experience to create modeling tools for network services and network equipment testing.

In 2011 we release a number of our own products, including function test automation tools RCPTT, big data analysis expert system X5, IDE for a upgrouing programming language Fantom (F4). Apart from Java Developement tools, F4 is the first IDE written in the language it is designed for.

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